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Choice Field Display Bug in Acrobat

by Mark Gavin. We found a case where the value of a ComboBox Field does not display properly when using Acrobat. The same field value displays properly using Apple Preview or the Google Chrome PDF viewer. The field flags show that this is not a MultiSelect field; however, the field dictionary contains an “I” array […]

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CosStringValue Missing Notes

by Mark Gavin I happened to be looking through the current documentation for the Adobe Acrobat SDK on the Adobe site and ran across something that looked odd. The documentation for CosStringValue has been dramatically abridged to remove all of the notes explaining what you need to know when using CosStringValue. char* CosStringValue(CosObj obj, ASTCount* nBytes) […]

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Microsoft and Embracing the Command Line (CLI)

by Mark Gavin Visual Studio Magazine has released a white-paper by Progress called “The Command Line: Reinvented for Modern Developers”. Here is a line to get the White-Paper from Visual Studio Magazine. The Command Line: Reinvented for Modern Developers The White-Paper contains a lot of useful information including tips and tricks, links to tools […]

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