Launch Acrobat Plug-ins Repository on GitHub

Apr 24, 2024 3:28:02 PM | Acrobat SDK Launch Acrobat Plug-ins Repository on GitHub

Discover the new GitHub repository for Acrobat plug-ins by Appligent Labs, showcasing tools for PDF management, UI customization, and more. Explore the source files now!

I'm excited to share that we at Appligent Labs have just set up a new GitHub repository dedicated to Acrobat plug-ins. This repository is part of our ongoing efforts at Appligent Labs, to make more information about developing with Acrobat more generally available.

Repository Overview
The repository contains a set of source files that illustrate how to develop plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat. These files are largely from earlier versions of the Acrobat SDK. Despite their age, the underlying structures of these examples remain relevant and have not changed significantly, providing a solid base for understanding and building upon.

Please note, these plug-ins have not been compiled against the latest versions of Acrobat, so there may be some compatibility issues if you try to use them as-is with newer releases.

Featured Projects
Here are the plug-ins currently included in the repository:

"ClickMove" is designed for managing PDFs in full-screen mode, typically used during presentations. It allows the user to advance the document with a single click and go back with a double click.

This utility lists all the menu items used in Acrobat and its plug-ins. It's particularly useful for developers looking to understand or extend Acrobat's UI components.

Many older Postscript documents end up reversed when converted to PDFs due to how they were originally printed. "ReversePages" addresses this by reordering pages into the correct sequence.

"TriState" combines three toolbar buttons into a single tri-state button to save space. This utility demonstrates manipulating the Acrobat UI to create a more streamlined experience.

You can check out the repository at

Written By: Mark Gavin