Presenting Data and Information

Mar 12, 2008 12:00:00 AM | Data Visualization Presenting Data and Information

Praise for a course taught by Edward Tufte titled "Presenting Data and Information" on effective communication of information by improving presentation design.

by Mark Gavin

Last week while in Boston for the AIIM Conference; I used the Monday before the conference to attend a one day course taught by Edward Tufte on “Presenting Data and Information“.  The course focuses on effectively presenting and communicating information.

The course is given in various locations around the country throughout the year.  I’ve known about the course for the past several years; but, until last week the scheduling didn’t work out to make it convenient for me to attend.

I found the course to be well researched, thought provoking and entertaining.  I would recommend it highly.

Following is a quote from Edward Tufte:

“Clutter and confusion are not attributes of information they are failures of design.”

Books by Edward Tufte

Written By: Mark Gavin