Learning Postscript

by Mark Gavin

The single best book written on learning Postscript is “Learning Postscript: A Visual Approach” written by Ross Smith.

ISBN 978-0938151128

This book was published in March of 1990 and has been out-of-print for a long time. But through the magic of the internet this masterpiece is easily available.

To the left is a link on Amazon.com. You can also find the book at AbeBooks.com.  AbeBooks is my favorite place to find out-of-print books, used books and rare books.

Postscript programming was fairly easy for me to learn; since, I already knew how to program using the Forth programming language. Since Postscript is derived from the Forth programming language; books on Forth are also very useful when learning the programming fundamentals of Postscript.


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